Exposing War Crimes is Not a Crime, McCord speaks what Government don’t want You to Hear

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Exposing War Crimes

U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord speaking about the civilian massacre documented in WikiLeaks’s April 2010 video disclosure of Apache helicopter footage of a New Baghdad attack that took place in 2007, allegedly released by PFC Brad Manning. McCord’s story was delivered to attendees of the United National Peace Conference, which took place in Albany NY the weekend of July 23-25, 2010. Produced by the United National Peace Conference Media Project, powered by The Sanctuary for Independent Media and the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center.

Ethan McCord Military Whistleblower WikiLeaks Collateral Murder Iraqi civilian massacre Saeed Chmagh Namir Noor-Eldeen Brad Manning Apache helicopter war crimes Bravo Company leak investigation military helicopter attack secret documents


The Sanctuary for Independent Media is a community media arts center, located in an historic former church at 3361 6th Avenue in Troy, NY. The Sanctuary hosts screening, production and performance facilities, training in media production and a meeting space for artists, activists and independent media makers of all kinds.

swimming against the tide of mainstream ~sub: http://youtube.com/MistrBrit


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