How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?

Posted: September 20, 2010 in EXPOSE, Israel, TRUTH
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How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?

In this video some christian tourists have been in israel. see how the zionist trait them, why the jews live in the western and arabic countries as kings and when you go to israel they trait you with this method front of the police.

The jews in israel have the right do every thing against people of ather religion if you can’t beilive that come here as tourist and pass just one day. You must know that the police can’t arrest any jew when beat or insult someone of ather religion but he will go to prison if he do it against a jew. I tell that because i’m israelian too and i was an ex-jew.

At the heart of the Zionist critique of liberal assimilation lay the conviction that Jews constitute a unique race. It was the belief in insurmountable racial differences that made the inevitability of anti-Semitism credible, just as it rationalizes the view that every effort to assimilate must go aground on the barrier reef of biological determinism … The maintenance of that [racial] purity was essential to German Zionism, for it acknowledged the essential prerequisite for nationhood to be [in the 1922 words of Zionist Fritz Kahn] “consanguinity of the flesh and solidarity of the soul” together with the “will to establish a closer [Jewish] brotherhood over [and] against all other communities on earth.”

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